Author name: Dr. Devale Hodge

Devale A. Hodge is the Senior Pastor of Miracle Temple Church of God in Christ in Norwalk, Connecticut, and husband of Tiffany Hodge. He completed his Bachelor of Science in Religion, Masters of Divinity, and is currently a candidate for the Doctor of Ministry degree at Liberty University School of Divinity.

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After fourteen years, Paul, along with his traveling companion Barnabas, went to Jerusalem to share the contents of the gospel message that he had been preaching with the original disciples or apostles of Jesus Christ (Gal. 2:1-2). Paul wanted to make sure that his message was consistent with the message that the apostles were preaching.

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It is time to shift. You may have heard or read these words before. It is quite common to hear that statement these days. The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly caused everyone and everything to shift. COVID-19 has forced the church outside of its comfort zone and into unfamiliar spaces. This is not a bad thing.

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