at Miracle Temple

"...Those who recieved His word were baptized..." (Acts 2:41)

Baptism is an act of obedience to Jesus Christ.

In Matthew 28:18-20, Jesus Christ gave His disciples their commission on the basis of His divine authority. Their mission was to Go, make disciples, baptize, and teach. The Church is called to fulfill this commission through evangelizing, being and making disciples, baptizing, and teaching Christ followers to obey the word of God.

Baptism is a public declaration that one has placed their faith in Jesus Christ.

When a person comes to Jesus Christ for salvation and repents of their sins, the next step is to seek baptism, which is a public sign which signifies that the regenerating presence of the Holy Spirit has entered that persons life and they have come into the newness of life.

Our Church would love to see you take this significant step of faith in your life.

At Miracle Temple, we take seriously Christ’s call to obey His commission. If you have received Jesus Christ and His salvation into your life, please complete the application below and submit it to our team and we will be contact with you to share next steps.

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Note: All information collected on this form is kept confidential and private and is used for the purposes of church communication.

Things to remember for the day of Baptism...

Males and females planning to be baptized should remember to wear white to the baptism. White represents purity and cleansing, which is symbolic of the transformation that has occurred in your life through salvation. It is recommended that candidates wear dark layers upon entering the water. 

Male and female candidates should plan to bring a change of clothes, slippers for your feet, a towel, and a hair covering (if appropriate).