Church Rental/Space Reservation

If you, your family, or organization is looking for a venue to host your event, activity or service, our church would love to help you. Please reach out to us today for a consultation and to determine space and time availability. Prices will be discussed during consultation.

What we Offer

  • Main Sanctuary- Seats up to 750 people. Audio-Visual usage separate. 
  • Fellowship Hall – Seats up to 350 people. Includes a baptismal pool for separate cost. 
  • Commercial Kitchen (separate cost) 
  • Undercroft Conference Rooms (2) –  Seats up to 35-45 people respectively. 

Please complete the Space Reservation Request Form below. Someone from our office will contact you soon to provide further information about your request and if we will be able to approve your request. Approval is based on space availability.

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