Join a community of faith; Become a Member.

Becoming a member of a local church is essentially a call to commitment. Commitment to loving God and others; serving them with your gifts, treasures, and by giving your time. Becoming a member of a church is more than putting your name on the books, it is a call to live within community and covenant. 

How can I join this community of growing believers?

Becoming a member of our church is easy. We encourage all prospective members to attend the New Members class. The New Members class is intended to educate prospective members about our church, its vision and mission, leadership, and to serve as a basic introduction to the Christian faith. The New Members class curriculum is in development and should be started soon. 

Upon completion of the New Members class, each participant will be asked to sign a membership covenant and commit to identifying and cultivating their spiritual gift for service in the church and community.

If you need a spiritual home, please contact us and we would love to lead you in the right direction toward spiritual growth and Christian community. 

(203) 853-2744

We look forward to you becoming part of our family of faith.