Back to the Gospel | Overview of Galatians Chapter 1

As you know, we took a few weeks to go through Paul’s entire Epistle to the Galatians. The Lord placed on my heart, as I begin my pastorate at Miracle Temple, to set a course of ministry and vision grounded in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I believe that if I preach and teach the Gospel, it will inspire and bring mighty transformation to everyone who hears it. The Book of Galatians is a clarion call to believe and trust in the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ. At times we tend to forget about the Gospel or it becomes less significant in shaping our lives, our ministries, and daily habits. The Gospel is the core and essence of our belief. Paul said that he was not ashamed of the Gospel because it was and is the power of God unto salvation (Rom. 1:6). Salvation is possible because of the Gospel.

Throughout Galatians, Paul defends his apostolic ministry against his opposers, who argue that he commissioned himself. Paul says that he is an apostle “not from men nor through man, but through Jesus Christ and God the Father” (Gal. 1:1). Paul quickly conveys his frustration with the believers because they are deserting Him who called them into the grace of Jesus Christ (v. 6) – God called them into this message about His only Son. These false teachers persuaded the Galatian believers to accept circumcision or the Mosaic law coupled with a belief in Jesus Christ as the basis for their salvation. The believers were embracing this teaching. This grieved the heart of the apostle, who labored to teach and shape them in the gospel. 

By preaching salvation through Christ alone, Paul was not seeking people’s approval. He was seeking to be a genuine servant of Christ (v. 10). This gospel of Jesus Christ is not a human message. It does not originate with people, and surely it could not be contrived through human means. Paul’s ministry and preaching were divinely inspired by God, and the grace of God called him. 

Practical Takeaways: 

  1. God’s calling and gospel message about Jesus does not derive from people. He called you into his gospel of grace, and don’t let anyone remove you from it (v. 1). 
  2. Jesus gave himself for our sins according to the purpose of the Father (v. 4). 
  3. Do not seek the approval of people but to be a servant of Christ (v. 10). 
  4. Your former life of sin does not stop God’s calling and purpose for your life (vv. 13-16). 
  5. God’s calling on your life should always be validated by other qualified spiritual leaders and believers (vv. 17-24).

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