Explore our church ministries to determine how you can use your gifts to serve Christ and others in ministry

Men's Ministry

The Men’s Ministry exists to develop Christian brotherhood, provide a safe environment for men to sharpen one another in love, and become strong leaders and disciples of Christ within their community, family, and the world. The men’s ministry takes seriously the call of God to make disciples and to share the faith with others thus making a positive impact on society. 

Women's Ministry

The Women’s Ministry exists to empower and enhance the lives of women, strengthen their faith, and spiritually equip them in their home, family, workplace, and ministry. It seeks to develop powerful women of God who are grounded in love, growing in discipleship, and the living out the word of God.

The Youth ministry comprises all children and youth from birth to 25 years of age. It seeks to inspire spiritual growth in children and youth by providing practical and relevant opportunities for biblical discipleship, relationship building, and activities that strengthens the whole person.

Christian Education

Christian Education exists to equip believers to grow in and understand the Bible, to increase in the knowledge of Jesus Christ, practice their faith in a vibrant way, and equip them to do the work of ministry. Christian Education is comprised of various teaching ministries which focus on different aspects of Christian life and congregational ministry. Christian education comprises Sunday school, equip training program, health and wellness, new members, and baptism course.

Helps Ministries

The Helps Ministries is vital to our congregation’s discipleship and assimilation process. This collection of ministries collaborate to offer a positive first impression, welcome first time and returning guests, show hospitality, and create a safe and secure environment that reaches in-person and online worshippers. Their purpose is to enhance the overall worship experience. Each ministry maintains their distinctive identity yet works together to execute the same goal. The Helps ministries are comprised of the music ministry, audio-visual, benevolence, hospitality, ushers, greeters, pastors and pulpit aides, security team and transportation.