Why a Blog?: Thoughts of a Shepherd

Hello! It is a pleasure to have an opportunity to chat with you through this mode of communication. Many may be wondering why a busy pastor would take the time to share his thoughts through a blog. I could give you many reasons for the benefit of a pastor sharing his thoughts through a blog, but I will highlight just a few. First, writing has personal benefits. It increases your vocabulary, helps you to think through difficult concepts, and it helps you to become more creative. Second, writing goes hand in hand with reading. The more you read and observe the writings of other good writers, the better your writing will be. Clinical psychologist Jordan Peterson wrote, “ideas change the world, particularly when they are written.”

As a pastor, I have the sacred responsibility to feed God’s sheep. Feeding God’s flock is serious business. It is a spiritual business and it is an enterprise that I personally take seriously. In our technological age, we have the ability to utilize several tools for the advancement of God’s purpose. This is where this blog comes into play. It is my desire to use this blog as a tool to communicate with my congregation and the larger community. However, the musings found on this blog will be primarily pastoral. What does that mean exactly? It essentially means that I will share thoughts from a pastor’s perspective and a pastor’s perspective should be inundated in Scripture and applied to the lives of modern people. This blog is a tool for ministry development. I want to help change the world through the exchange of biblical ideas.

It is not my intention to write long and drawn-out discourses here. That is not the purpose of this blog. My aim is to author short and concise writings to get you to think about God, His agenda, His purpose, and how all of that shapes us right now and today. In John 21:12-19, Jesus asked Peter, “do you love me?” after he had made the greatest mistake of his life: denying Jesus. Jesus predicted that Peter would deny him and Peter said that he would never deny Him (Matt. 26:33-35). I believe that Jesus is asking His entire church, “Do you love me?” We are living in a time where our love for Jesus is being challenged and tested. The question is a critical one. It is a very good question, and it is one that I ask myself every day. How much do I love my savior?

It is my prayer that this blog would convey my heart of growing love for Christ and my love for His church. I want to see my local congregation, Miracle Temple, grow into the kind of church that Jesus can trust to love him deeply and passionately, and take seriously the call to feed His sheep. Keep reading…

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